Sharding Capital invested in GEMS ✨

Sharding Capital is delighted to announce our investment in GEMS, GameFi, Esports, Metaverse, and SocialFi.

GEMS is an Esports NFT social sharing portal and O2O ecosystem. They are a dynamic group ready to bring Esports 3.0 to the world. Made up of GameFi, Esports, Metaverse, and SocialFi, GEMS’ one-of-a-kind ecosystem is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, connecting crypto gamers both online and offline.

GEMS will solve the issues of:

💎 NFT Rental, Defi Union- GEMS are launching a new ecosystem that will introduce multiple payment models and loans, making expensive NFTs available for everyone. That’s how we are solving the costly barriers to entry problem for the average gamer.

💎 FanFi Studio- GEMS deals with talent scarcity through their FanFi studio. It is a way to educate and train aspiring gamers and influencers. Their approach includes a training program, talent agency, streamers hub, token system, and battle pools. Enthusiasts will glow up into developed influencers and streamers. This is something brand new to the world, so we are pretty pumped about this.

💎 DAO GUILD- The purpose of the guild is to empower the play-to-earn community by offering gamers the opportunity to become guild trainers, team up with others, and create an in-game community.

💎 P2E Arena- L.M.I.R.L. GEMS increased the ways GameFi-ers can gather and compete in real life with their arenas and Esports hotels- offline venues that host talent (hotels) and GameFi tournaments. GEMS’ first goal is to own 50 of these offline touchpoints by the end of 2024. This is what makes us Online 2 Offline.

GEMS are more than just a guild. More than just online. More than just Esports.

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Sharding Capital is a venture capital institution focusing on early-stage projects of encrypted assets, digital economy, and blockchain-related technology. Relying on professional investment research and analysis teams and community influence, it is committed to discovering the next “blockchain unicorn”

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